Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shocker: The Media is Bias

Breitbart is giving $100,000 to anyone who can provide him with the full JournoList.

Apparently, liberal journalists have been using the JournoList site to share ideas on how to sway public opinion to the left. The conspiracy was discovered when someone leak David Weigel's private emails.

Earlier this month NewsBusters reported that according to USA Today's former editor Kenneth Paulson, media bias is a myth. Paulson said:

"Despite the perception of news media bias, the truth is that most traditional news organizations — primarily newspapers, their Web sites and local TV and radio — adhere to in-house ethics codes and keep politicians at arm’s length."

Of course, pool parties don't count. What happens on the Slip'n Slide, stays on the Slip'n Slide. But, emails are fair game.

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  1. A recent survey indicated that the three nightly network newscasts have lost 1,000,000 viewers in the last year. Newspapers all over the country have lost subscribers. The reason for these losses is that people are sick of the obvious bias. The MSM helped get us into this mess we are in. I believe people are seeking out the news in places that they can trust. It's amazing the stories that the networks don't cover, like Al Gore's masseuse fiasco. Unfortunately for the MSM, there are many radio programs and internet sites that bring us the real news.