Sunday, June 13, 2010

Or Else?

I keep reading that Obama has given BP 48 hours to do more about the oil spill. 48 hours, or what? Parenting 101: You can't have an ultimatum without an or else "X."

You have 48 hours or...
-- we will fine you?
--we will take over your company and rename it Obama Oil?
--we will cap it ourselves? (Then just do it.)
--Obama will finally have a photo-op with BP's CEO?
--Obama really will suck it up in a straw?
--Obama will announce "whose ass" he is going "to kick?"

Oil rigs are supposed to be inspected monthly, but BP's rig has only been inspected 6 times since 2008. And, for the last inspection, the government sent an inspector-in-training.

Obama gives BP ultimatum: 48 hours or else — then heads to youth soccer game

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