Wednesday, June 16, 2010

58 days into the oil spill disaster, and here's where we stand:

--There are not 42,000 gallons of oil spilling into the ocean daily as the government estimated. It's closer to 2.5 million/day.

--The moratorium on drilling is more expensive than the spill, costing oil rig operators an estimated $16.5 million/day.( This reduction in commerce is not going to help with our trillions of dollars of debt.)

--Since we can't drill, we have to import more foreign oil, most of which is from countries that propagate terrorism. So, our national debt goes up, we give more money to the people who want to kill us, and we prolong our efforts in Afghanistan, perpetuating the War of Terror, er, I mean, the 'Overseas Contingency Operation.' (This means it costs more money, and more importantly, more lives.)

--Instead of focusing on plugging the hole, our President is focused on using this crisis to pass his agenda. His energy plan will not do anything except make you poorer. It simply means that every time you turn on the lights or cook a meal, the government gets more of your money. This is particularly harmful to companies that create jobs. And, it's more likely to stall developments in energy technology because taxes do not breed innovation, freedom does.

Obama's Oval Office speech confirmed the suspicions that Obama does not care about the environment. He cares about pushing his agenda to get more of your money so you hand over to him more power and control. If he cared about the environment he'd focus on PLUGGING THE HOLE, not on cap and trade.

After the speech last night, Obama's approval rating is 42% according to Rasmussen. That 42% must have been watching The Real Housewives of NYC.

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  1. Just to give you an idea of how crazy your first point is, think about this... a 12x24 ft pool has roughly 7600 gallons in it. The amount of oil gushing out per day equates to the volume of 329 of those pools. Pretty disturbing.