Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Ruling Radical Minority

I saw a video yesterday on Fox of an ex-member of Iran's Revolutionary Guards who had turned on Iran and starting working with the CIA years ago. He was driven from the Iranian regime because of the brutalities he witnessed where he could see that "the radical minority are going to be ruling the country and driving the majority into the edge of the abyss."

More and more, it seems that we are not so unlike Iran in that "the radical minority" are ruling the country and "driving the majority into the edge of the abyss."

Less than 20% of Americans identify themselves as "liberal." And, I wonder how many of those would say they are radical socialist-leaning liberals like those who run the White House, the Senate, and the House.

Like in Iran, the sane majority watch in despair as the radical Obama Administration races us towards the annihilation of everything America stood for. We watch as the government destroys the future for our children, robs them of freedom, and endangers all our lives with weak foreign policy and an inability (and lack of desire) to protect our borders from illegals and terrorists.

The aforementioned spy hoped that by passing along information to the CIA the Americans would help the Iranian people "get rid of this evil government." Many of us hold a similar hope for liberation from the Obama regime so we can start rebuilding the damage they've already done, and save ourselves from becoming more like Iran. But, if no one was willing to save the Iranians, who is going to help us?

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  1. The American people are different from the Iranians. With God's help, we will save ourselves.