Friday, August 6, 2010

The Tea Party and Sexual Freedom

The most recent newsletter from the Tea Party Nation linked to an article about gay marriage. The author argued linguistics and definition as a reason to deny gay citizens from having the same rights to marriage as straight citizens.

I am extremely disappointed in the leaders of Tea Party Nation who have "Quench your thirst for freedom" as the tag line to their newsletters. They must mean THEIR definition of freedom. They claim to support limited government and emphasis citizens' rights, but only as far as THEY want that freedom to go. What gives them the right to say "this should be free, but that shouldn't?" It is the Constitution that should determine our freedoms, and the Constitution does not address marriage.

This is one area where I agree with the Libertarian platform. All laws regulating the consensual sexual acts of adults have no place in a "free" country. The government doesn't even have the right to outlaw prostitution (prostitutes are providing a service). Why is it illegal to have sex with someone for money unless you film it and sell the video?

The arguments against same-sex marriage are largely the same as those arguments used by the Democratic Party to stop blacks from being freed from slavery, granted citizenship, or given voting rights. It puts gay people into a category as second class citizens.

I really like what these gay tea partiers have to say from They basically want the government out of marriage. They look at it more as a contract you enter, which the Constitution does include. They also discuss how much they are discriminated against at gay bars for being conservatives, but have never been treated with anything but respect as gay men at a tea party.

I'm sure I will take a lot of flack for this post to which I say, bring it on. I love free speech.

I know one argument will be that the people of California voted against it; so, the judge should not overturn a law embraced by the majority, and against the will of the people. But, at one time, the majority believed that blacks should be denied certain rights. The majority does not have a right to decide when we just ignore the Constitution. All men are created equal--not just when the majority wants them to be.

(Disclosure statement: I have met the President of Tea Party Nation and she is a lovely person. They also featured my book in one of their newsletters, for which I am grateful. In general, I agree with their ideas and beliefs. I hope their linking to an anti-gay marriage article was an attempt to show one point of view, and that they allow for free speech from people on both sides of the gay marriage argument. I would encourage them to link to the other side of that argument in their next newsletter.)


  1. Do we really have to waste our time worrying about who others can and cannot love, be it the same sex or not? Really, it is no ones business who does what behind close doors. I'm with the libertarians on this one too.

  2. Sarah- you and Dave completely miss the target on this one. In fact, you don't even understand the target. No one objects to people loving whoever they want. If you read the ruling by the judge in California Prop 8 he states that gays are discriminated against on a religious basis. The object of this agenda is to prohibit Christians, particularly ministers from expressing their beliefs. The goal is to have preaching against this agenda classified as hate speech. If they succeed, you, your family, and this country will take another step toward secular socialism that will eventually destroy what was the greatness nation in the history of the world. You are smart, you should be able to see there is nothing in the world stopping anyone from loving who they want or doing what they want behind closed doors. You should also be able to see the love and great blessings that Christ and Christians have brought to this country and the world. I know you have benefited from the comfort provided by the Christian faith and yet, you support the effort by secularists to lessen its impact. I don't understand that. As you know, there are gay people that I love dearly. Their sins are no worse than mine. I pray that they are developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ so that we can enjoy the glory of Heaven together. Christ is the only hope for gays or straights or you or I. Let that Hope guide your life.

  3. My point is more that the government should get out of the marriage business, gay or straight. But, if they must regulate everything, even our relationships, they have to give equal rights to gays.

  4. You are lifting your support without taking into account the actual results of what you are advocating. You are looking at an issue on the surface when the real issue is buried deep inside.